21 Ingenious New Uses for Old Items


Repurposing old items can be extremely enjoyable if you love a bit of DIY craft fun. Here we’ve gathered 21 of the most ingenious upcycling and repurposing projects from across the web.

1. Vintage Coca-Cola Crate Turned Dog Bowl Holder

coke tray
Husband and Wife team, Katie and John (aka, Sew Woodsy) transformed a vintage Coca-Cola Crate and turned it into a chic dog bowl holder.

coke tray 2

2. Rustic Bench Planter Box

This gorgeous planter was made as a gift by Nicole and her Boyfriend in Canada. Find out how they made it here.

3. Charming Chair Chalkboard

Chair Chalkboard

Some spray paint, some chalkboard paint, and this lonely chair has been repurposed as a lovely, charming chalkboard. From Beyond the Picket Fence.

4. Multi-talented Colander

Some super lovely, and useful repurposing ideas here from Justina Blakeney.

5. Tin Can Containers

Tin can 1
Old tin cans upcycled in to beautiful containers for your utensils. Simple, yet effective.
Tin can 2

6. Cute Hanger

Old window
A whole range of things can be hung up on this cute hanger, which actually started life as an window. See the step by step transformation here.

7. Vintage Suitcase Dog Bed

Perfect vintage-chic for your four-legged friend.

8. Window Shutter Mail Holder

window shutter
So, so simple. An old window shutter repurposed as a mail holder.

9. Couch Made from Old Pallets

pallet couch
Super resourceful way to save some money and also create a nice place to sit and relax at home. Source.

10. Sweater Lampshade

This cute lampshade is actually made out of a sweater. Check out the DIY guide here.

11. Button Up Shirt Pillow

Button up pillow
Give your favourite old shirt a second life by creating one of these button up shirt pillows.

12. Skirt Curtain

skirt-curtain .
Continuing on the clothes theme from number 11, here’s a great way to make use of an old skirt.

13. Spoon Hangers

Hanging Jars
A fun DIY project to bring your garden to life. Source.


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